Project Gallery

“Thanks so much for the experience.  It was inspirational, exciting and creative!”

“I feel like I have the power to impact our community for the better.  Just being able to raise awareness and spread this idea of staying above the influence and hope into our community is rewarding within itself.  I just hope to spread awareness of a major problem in our community and get the discussion of solutions to this out there”

“The consultation was one ‘ah-ha!’ moment after another- Listening and observing closely and then asking the question that enables you to articulate what is right under your nose”

“Emily was wonderful to work with, answering endless questions… and patiently describing all of her process. An added bonus was that she is a very reliable communicator; she always replied in a timely manner to any query from us and delivered the finished product exactly as scheduled….overall I would recommend Connection Lab for any job you have. “

Current Connection Lab projects include:


We are working with local organizations to turn information about their community into a piece of public art that will spark conversations, increase interest in data and build connections.  The process involves group exploration of existing data to identify stories that the data tell, exercises to generate visual images that can help tell the story, public painting sessions to turn the image into a mural and an unveiling of the painting accompanied by a public discussion of the mural and its story.


We are helping groups that range from municipalities to small committees strengthen organizational structures and enhance organizational effectiveness by articulating the group’s purpose and vision, specifying outcomes, and developing careful short-term workplans.


We are designing trainings to help community coalitions increase their cultural competency and develop local outreach plans.


On behalf of local health coalitions, we are organizing focus groups and key informant interviews and analyzing and synthesizing the data to inform the group’s future work.  The information will be used to strengthen local prevention efforts.


In collaboration with the MIT Center for Civic Media, Connection Lab helps groups and individuals increase their comfort with data analysis and data-driven storytelling through engaging, creative and playful activities.  For more information about this initiative visit the data therapy blog.


We are working with multiple coalitions and small organizations to incorporate creative sustainability planning into their strategic plans.


We work with organizations and community groups to design collaborative art projects that can build community, enhance working relationships and create powerful tools for health messaging, all while beautifying shared spaces.


We are working with organizations, learning communities and coalitions (as well as our own Connection Lab projects) to develop effective and practical plans for collecting information that indicates whether projects are accomplishing what they set out to accomplish.