The Billboards Are Up!

Check it out- the “Above the Influence” design that the youth coalition of the Allston-Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force made is now up on billboards across Allston-Brighton!  It’s HUGE! Update: The billboards are… Continue reading

CHNA quilt

As anyone who works in public health in Massachusetts knows, it can be challenging to work within a system of health departments and health programs that function city-by-city and town-by-town.  Many years ago,… Continue reading

Allowing Data Murals to Have Local Flavor

As we prepared for the mural project in Brazil we planned agendas, reviewed our processes and wondered what we would find. We worried about the texture of the wall we’d be painting, worried… Continue reading

ATI Prevention Billboard- quick design, great product

For the second year in a row, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the youth members of the Allston-Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force to develop an image related to the national Above… Continue reading

Strategic Planning with the Multicultural Coalition on Aging

Months of planning and discussion have led the Multicultural Coalition on Aging to a place where they can confidently continue their work and build more collaborations.  Connection Lab led the group through the… Continue reading

Data Mural and Data Therapy in Brazil

Rahul and I were invited down to Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, Brazil by the Office of Strategic Priorities, department of the Minas Gerais State Government to lead a data mural process and… Continue reading

Culture Club interview about the Groundwork data mural

SCATV (Somerville’s local cable station) filmed a whole episode of “Culture Club” this month about public art in the city.  Connection Lab was interviewed about Somerville’s public art map as well as the… Continue reading

Using Art to Promote Health-with CHNA 18

Last Wednesday the West Suburban Community Health Network met at the Newton Library to explore ways that the arts can be used to promote health.  I had gathered a panel of amazing speakers;… Continue reading

Using Art to Promote Health- free event January 15th

Join Connection Lab at a meeting of Community Health Network Area 18 on the morning of January 15th to explore how art can be used to promote health.  After a panel presentation from… Continue reading

Variations on a Theme: Street Art in Berlin and its lessons for Data Murals

This week I visited Berlin for the first time and excitedly signed up for a four-hour street art walking tour.  The guide, a graffiti writer himself, took us to see some of the… Continue reading