At long last, a data mural visual design workshop!

As I’d hoped, the visual design workshop that we ran on Thursday night with the Somerville Food Security Coalition was exciting.  Everyone seemed a lot more relaxed and engaged than they had at… Continue reading

A stained glass lesson in setting (or not setting) constraints

I was lucky enough to be invited to run another stained glass workshop, this time through the MEM project (  After teaching stained glass for nearly 15 years I wasn’t worried about teaching… Continue reading

A Reflection on Our First Story-finding Workshop

With one data mural planning session down and a few more to come, we’re thinking about what went well and what we can improve for next time.  For a summary of what we… Continue reading

A link between art and exercise?

I may have thought of one.  I try to get out and move, to play, to explore, but as winter approaches it’s harder and harder to find a good reason to walk around… Continue reading

Arts in Healthcare Conference

As a community health specialist and an artist I often think about the connections between art and health, but I tend to think about it at a community level.  Art has the power… Continue reading

Food Security Data Mural- still planning for the planning!

We’ve now scheduled the first community workshop for the first data mural project.  December 20th!  As the date approaches, we’re trying to refine the workshop process.  This session will be what we’re calling… Continue reading

Data Murals- Germination

I described the data murals project to a friend yesterday and she was the first person who actually understood the idea right away!  She said, “you mean infographics on the wall?” and I… Continue reading

Connecting People

We build community connections through art and collaborative planning.  We design community engagement projects and facilitate interactive processes.

Connecting Ideas

We discover and discuss connections between ideas in order to engage in creative systems thinking, guide strategic planning and support strong organizational development. 

Connecting to Resources

Though sustainability planning and strong evaluation design and by sharing best practices we can connect you to valuable resources.