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Data Mural Case Study

Making it into the world of academic journals is a big step for the Data Mural model, and we’ve made the leap.  A case study of our Data Mural from Minas Gerais Brazil… Continue reading

Above the Influence- Stories of Resilience

Once more, Connection Lab helped youth from the Allston-Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force Youth Coalition create a striking symbol from the national Above the Influence campaign. This year, the campaign’s arrow inside a… Continue reading

Grouting the Art Club Schoolyard Garden Pavers

In partnership with the school’s art teacher, the Beautiful Stuff Project and Groundwork Somerville, Connection Lab and the Argenziano School art club worked all year to make garden pavers inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.… Continue reading

The Stories that Money can Tell

We all know that money is powerful, but it’s not just because of its purchasing power that it is so important.  Money represents status, and on U.S. currency the people represented in the… Continue reading

Kennedy School Mosaic Unveiling

After many months of preparation the Kennedy school garden mosaics were finally installed in their place on the sides of the raised garden beds in the playground. This is what the beds looked… Continue reading

Grouting Fun at the Kennedy School

Last week the Kennedy After School Garden Mosaic Club grouted their creations.  Grout is a special kind of cement that’s used to fill the spaces between tiles.  They had a good time mushing… Continue reading

The Kennedy Garden Mosaic is Ready to Grout

With the help of lots of small hands we’ve completed four mosaic panels to mount on the raised garden beds at the Kennedy School.  The kids’ drawings have come to life in colorful… Continue reading

Haggerty School Centennial Mosaic

Today the Haggerty School in Cambridge held a celebration of its hundredth anniversary! Thankfully, the collaborative mosaic that two second grade classes made with Connection Lab and the Beautiful Stuff Project was finished… Continue reading

Progress on the Garden Mosaic

Two weeks of work have paid off, and the mosaic is coming along.  We translated the kids’ drawings into panel designs and they’ve started to tile two of the designs.  Hopefully the friendly… Continue reading

Beginning a school garden mosaic

The Kennedy School playground just got a face-lift, and includes a series of new planting beds.  With Support from the Somerville Arts Council, the Kennedy after-school program will be working with Connection Lab… Continue reading