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Food For Free Data Mural

Rahul has decided to use the data mural process as a teaching tool in his course “Data Storytelling Studio” at MIT.  As an introduction to basic data analysis, visual representation and thinking about… Continue reading

Laser-Cut Data… that’s edible and crEDIBLE!

As a continuation of the work we’ve been doing with the Somerville Food Security Coalition we decided to join the fun at the Ignite food and fire festival this week. How did we… Continue reading

Connection Lab will be at APHA in 2014!

Look for us at the American Public Health Association conference in New Orleans in November.  We’ll be presenting about Data Murals as a way to engage residents in community health planning and increase… Continue reading

Making All Voices Count

The data mural project is included in an exciting new grant through “Making All Voices Count” to help increase access to information through citizen journalism and visual arts in slum communities in Nairobi,… Continue reading

Allowing Data Murals to Have Local Flavor

As we prepared for the mural project in Brazil we planned agendas, reviewed our processes and wondered what we would find. We worried about the texture of the wall we’d be painting, worried… Continue reading

Data Mural and Data Therapy in Brazil

Rahul and I were invited down to Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, Brazil by the Office of Strategic Priorities, department of the Minas Gerais State Government to lead a data mural process and… Continue reading

Culture Club interview about the Groundwork data mural

SCATV (Somerville’s local cable station) filmed a whole episode of “Culture Club” this month about public art in the city.  Connection Lab was interviewed about Somerville’s public art map as well as the… Continue reading

Variations on a Theme: Street Art in Berlin and its lessons for Data Murals

This week I visited Berlin for the first time and excitedly signed up for a four-hour street art walking tour.  The guide, a graffiti writer himself, took us to see some of the… Continue reading

24-hour Food Security Data Mural Painting!

Well, we didn’t actually paint for 24 hours, but we did start the painting at 1:00 on Wednesday and finish at 1:00 on Thursday.  With volunteers each coming for two hours, we painted… Continue reading

Painting Begins on the Food Security Data Mural

Painting began!  With the help of volunteers from the Food Security Coalition, the Somerville High School Community Service Club, Tufts University and the Cambridge Health Alliance, we transferred the mural design to a… Continue reading