Monthly Archive: July, 2015

Mosaic pavers for school gardens

What’s Connection Lab’s favorite thing to do? Collaborative art in the interest of public health! And what does a community garden need to make it appealing in the winter as well as in… Continue reading

Shine the Light Mosaic is Finally Installed

After months of winter weather and struggles to arrange an installation, the Shine the Light mosaic finally went up at Temple Shalom in Newton.  I’m a bit behind in my documentation, but here’s… Continue reading

Peace Quilt Quotes Find Their Way to a New Home

After completing a peace quilt last year, it seemed important to capture some of the thoughts behind each quilt square. While designs and images can sometimes speak for themselves, I wanted to hear… Continue reading

How far will a pound of tiles go?

I have been on what seems like a never-ending quest to figure out how to calculate how many glass tiles I’ll need for different projects.  So, for those of you who are also… Continue reading